Hi, I’m Denise. I’m a frugal fashionista, stylist, thriftying queen, lifestyle blogger, online boutique owner, multi-passionate entrepreneur, and basically one badass girl boss! I should also mention that I’m a wine lover, food enthusiast, crazy dog lady, avid traveler, DIY-er, wife, mom to three fur babies, and an all around fun gal!

Denise walking on beach
Walking on the beach in Cabo San Lucas on my wedding day

Born to the ultimate thrifty chick, I was destined to be a frugal fashionista. My mother exuded style and class, and you would assume by looking at her that she shopped at only the most expensive of department stores. In reality, she couldn’t afford to shop at those stores as a divorcee and mother with two young children. From an early age, I remember my mom taking me to thrift stores, and how I would watch in amazement at all of the beautiful clothes she found. As a young girl, her closet was always my favorite place to play. Today, I still call my mom whenever I score a fabulous find at a thrifty store, and I can tell she is proud.

Me & my mom on my wedding day
Me & my beautiful mom on my wedding day

Raised a good Midwestern gal, 18 years ago I found my forever home in Southern California, and then the man of my dreams. When I moved to Los Angeles, I was young, broke, and (like everyone else) wanted to be an actress. I was living in one of the most stylish and expensive cities in the country, and I was too broke for clothes. My love for fashion and talent for thrifting helped me develop a chic style without breaking the budget.

Me with Mr. T and my hubby
Me with Mr. T and my handsome hubby, Ramon

Even though I have had been blessed with a great career, and I am no longer broke like I used to be, I am still frugal and fashionable. I created Thrifty Chic as a way to help other women create their own unique styles, both in fashion and decor, without draining their bank accounts. Life is too short for bad for bad shoes, bad food, bad wine, and empty bank accounts! Please make sure you subscribe to my newsletter to ensure you don’t miss any of my thrifty tips!